Friday, May 27, 2011

Onesie Dress

Yet another thing I made for my Sister In Law's baby.  I just love how it turned out.  I used this tutorial from Love To Create.  It was super easy and I love how it looks.

First I folded my onesie in half and drew a line across.

I measured around the body of the onesie and added 1 inch for seam allowance.  Then I cut a strip 2 1/2 inches by that measurement.  I sewed it into a tube and pressed open the seam.  I then pressed it with the seam in the middle before turning it.  After I turned it right side out I repressed it with the seam in the middle.

I cut my main piece to be 42" long and 9" wide.  I made a bottom hem then did a gathering stitch along the top.  I pined it to my "belt" piece and sewed it around.  I then carefully pinned it around my onesie and sewed along the top.  

Here is my final product.  I was concerned about the purple fabric at first but I really liked it once I saw it all finished.  Sorry  I didn't take more pics of the process.  Sometimes its hard to remember to stop and take a picture before moving on.

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  1. i love this! you should add some of these to your etsy shop if you haven't already.