Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lavender Sugar Scrub

This is the last gift I made for my Sister in Law's baby shower.  It's a lavender sugar scrub by Maybe Matilda.   I thought it was important to include something for her.  Anyone who's been pregnant knows how draining and uncomfortable it can get at the end.  I thought this could help her feel better, even if just for the length of a shower or two.   I ended up having some extra and so I used it in the shower.  It was really nice and made my skin feel really soft.  I hope to do some more homemade beauty products in the future.

P.S. - I'm sorry I haven't been posting much recently.  I'm feverishly working on my Sister's wedding gift and have spent a ton of time getting my gardens set up.  I finally have everything planted.  Yay!

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