Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Plaid Baby Doll Dress

I love buying things on clearance.  I'm a sucker for a good deal.  So, right now is the big end of season clearance at Target.  They're getting rid of all their summer clothes and making room for the fall stuff.  I found this top in the misses department.  It was originally 17.99 and now on clearance for 4.49.  I thought it was a really cute top, but there was no way I was going to wear it.  I never wear sleeveless tops and I feel like this is for an 18 year old, not a 28 year old (yes, I hesitated when I typed my age).  But, it looked like a really cute toddler dress.  By the way, this is a size large, in case you are interested in going to find one of your own.

So,  I got it home and tried it on Peanut.  It was a bit big around the chest and so I pinned it to the point where it wouldn't fall right off but not very tight.  I ended up getting rid of about 4 inches total.  I just sewed right down the side with about a 2 inch seam (front + back = 4").   Then I made 2 straps each 1" wide (cut 2 - 2 1/2" x 13" strips, fold in half with 1/2" seam, turned right side out and ironed).

I tried the dress on Peanut again and marked where I thought the straps should go.  I attached the straps and adjusted them so they were tight enough.  I sewed 2 seams on each end of the straps for durability. I used the existing seams for the shirring and sewed on top of them so as to hide them.

Peanut loves her new dress.  She fought Papa B tonight taking it off to put her PJ's on.  She said she wants to wear it all the time because its so pretty.  It's pretty long on her and still a little loose around the chest.  I left the straps long so that if it still fits next year I can adjust the straps as needed.  1 hr and $4.49 later Peanut has a dress she might be wearing for the next year!

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