Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fresh Lima Beans!

I have never had fresh lima beans before.  My lima bean plants are going crazy and today they took out my trellis put there for the cucumbers.  I have been so excited to get some beans that I've been going out there daily just to check.  Finally they're ready!

Here are my freshly picked beans!  I don't mind that I only got a few to start.  It's just the beginning!

Here are the beans out of the pods.  It was pretty easy to open them and get the beans out.  The only way I've ever had limas (and they've always been frozen) is in succotash.  So, that's what I made!

It's amazing how much more flavor fresh limas have!  I liked succotash before, but it's so much better with fresh limas!  I have already bought fresh corn for next time so I can make the entire succotash fresh instead of using frozen corn.

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