Friday, April 8, 2011

Flower Easter Basket Tutorial

I really wanted to make my own easter baskets for the girls.  Since felt is so cheap and easy to work with it became the obvious choice.  

Supplies Needed:
 - 1/4 yd felt (multiple colors if you want to)
- Empty cereal box or similar food box (Mine is a graham cracker box)
- Hot Glue
- 1 Pipe cleaner (6 1/2" long)
- Piece of plastic canvas
- Pattern Pieces (when you look at the doc it shows blank, but when you go to print it's fine)

Cut out 1 circle in felt and one out of your box.  Cut 7 petals.  Cut 2 1" wide strips for your straps in felt and 1 1/2" wide piece of plastic canvas.  I cut out a 2nd 1" piece in pink and glued it around the inside of my basket for extra security.  I don't think it's needed.   Using the petal pattern provided, put straight pins in at the marked points on 4 of the 7 petals.

Glue the circle felt to the piece of cardboard. 

Put a line of glue along the bottom of the first petal with pins in it and attach to the side of the circle.  Put a line of glue along a 2nd petal (one with no pins) and put it on the circle overlapping the first petal by 1/4".

After you have your 2nd petal attached, put a line of glue up the side of the pinned petal stopping where the pin is.  Lift the petals up and push them together where its glued.

Repeat the last 2 steps until you are around the whole way.  You'll have to glue both sides of the last petal.

It should look like this.  You can now remove the pins.

Take the first handle piece and run a strip of glue down it.  Attach the plastic canvas to it.  Then glue the other strip on top of the canvas.  (sorry I don't have pictures of this)  Glue the handle to the inside of the basket.


Cut 2 wings out of felt and fold the pipe cleaner in half.  Twist the pipe cleaner together leaving the top  3/4 inch untwisted.  put a line of glue along the tab part of one wing and overlap the wings at their tabs.  Glue your twisted pipe cleaner on top of the center of the wings.  You can then curve the open ends of the pipe cleaner to make the antennae.   Glue the butterfly onto your basket wherever you want it!

Fill it with any easter goodies you want and enjoy!

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