Thursday, January 5, 2012

Family PJs

For my Brother, his Wife, and their ADORABLE baby, I decided to make them a set of semi-matching PJs.  I didn't want to go full out matching so I opted for same bottoms, different tops.   I used Simplicity pattern 3577 (which I don't recommend) for the adult bottoms and Simplicity 2388 for the baby's outfit.  The Adult's pattern is way off size.  The clothes are way too big.  I even try to adjust for it, and they still don't come out right.  I don't know about the baby pattern yet.  I haven't heard news of the fit.  So, here are pics.

I also bought a white onesie to be worn underneath the wrap shirt.

This is a navy blue scoop neck shirt from Old Navy along with my Sister in Law's pants.

Navy thermal shirt (also from Old Navy) to go along with my brother's pants.

Ok, few notes.  1) this was the only flannel print that I thought my brother would wear from Joann's.   2) I wanted to and priced out making t-shirts to go along.  The fabric would have been $30 and then I would have also had to sew knits.  These shirts cost about $10 at Old Navy total.  I'm all for making stuff, but it's to save money.  I try to stay practical in my crafting endeavors.

I hope you are looking forward to more Christmas reveals!  I am also working on new stuff as I catch up on the old.  So, I won't be running off any time soon!

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