Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mother's day gift - Dahlia flower

So, now that I'm in PA and have given them out I can share with you the mothers day gifts!  I know its really late, but I wanted to deliver them to the moms in person.  So, the first gift was the one I gave to my mother in law.  I procrastinated making it for a while because I was convinced that it couldn't possibly turn out as well as in the picture.  I found the tutorial for the mother's day corsage a while ago and have had it bookmarked.  The link for the tute is here: http://news.holidash.com//2010/04/23/mothers-day-corsage/#.

Here's a shot of the flower close up:

And here's the happy Mother in law!


  1. Good dear, Lovely color to show your love to your mother-in-Law.
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