Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart Birthday (Not Valentines!) Party

I can't believe my little girl is 4!!  Her birthday was this past Saturday and she requested a heart birthday party.  Since her birthday is just 3 days before Valentines day I felt very much up to the task.  I had a ton of ideas, and as usual, things got crossed off the list as the date loomed closer.

Heart bunting in the kitchen

A very happy little girl with the dessert table.  The cookies on the left are peanut butter blossoms with heart shaped chocolates instead of the typical Hershey kisses.  On the right are heart shaped jello jigglers.

The dessert table


The hearts are rings. Always a big hit with the little ones!

The 4 candle is bigger than the cupcake!

Peanut dancing in her birthday dress
Hearts hanging between the kitchen and the living room

Pin the heart on the bear game

Velcro hearts for the pin the heart on the bear

Bean bag toss

Bean bags in basket from Dollar Tree

Heart garland

A very happy birthday girl!

I'll be putting up posts on the dress, decorations and games.  Everything was made by me.  All were designed by me except for the heart garland on the bottom.  That I got form pinterest.

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