Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Leaf Table Runner

So, I finally got it finished!  It only took 3 trips to the fabric store!  I am so excited for Thanksgiving and I can't wait to see my table with all the food on it.  I hope this table runner lasts and that we are able to use it for years to come.

I have to be honest, it did take longer than I had anticipated.  When I first started cutting the leaves took forever and I didn't think about the interfacing until after I started. It will go much smoother if you do the interfacing from the very beginning.  Another time consumer is the sewing of the veins.  The first time I timed myself it took me 15 minutes to do one.  By half way through, I had that down to 8.

Want to make your own?  You have just enough time to get it done before the holiday!  Here's how I did it!

1/4 yd each of 4 different color felts
2 1/3 yds of 20" wide fusible interfacing
2 spools of metallic thread
Fabric glue
Maple Leaf Template


This picture is just to give you an idea of the layout.

Cut the interfacing into 4 10" by 43" strips and fuse them to your pieces of felt starting at one end.

Trace your pattern onto the interfacing so you have 5 leaves in each color.  I made sure they were all on the same side so the leaves matched.  You can do that or flip flop it so they look a little more different.  The interfacing great because the it lets you draw on the felt!    Cut out all of your leaves. (another great task for watching tv)

Draw the vein pattern onto the interfacing side of the leaves.  You can use the one I did or make your own!

Sew along the lines you traced.   I did the main vein in the center, then the two long ones from one side to the other, crossing in the middle.  Then did all the little "V"s. 

This is a finished leaf before trimming all the threads.  I really found it easier to sit and sew them all and then trim them at the end.

When you've got them all done, lay them out the way you want them, overlapping them whenever possible.   I did the four colors alternating left and right with each set. (I took this pic before I did the veins)

The final part is the fabric glue.  Glue the pieces together.  Sometimes its easier to lay the bottom part (orange) over the one that will overlap (red in this case) so you can see exactly where they will touch.

After putting the glue on, press them together.  (Now the orange stem is on the bottom and the red is on top)

Tada!  And now the table is set (almost) for Thanksgiving!

Here's some more pics

You can "almost" see the sparkle of the thread in this pic.  I so wish I had a better camera so you could see how the thread shines.

You may (or may not) have noticed my plates.  I'm very proud of my plates.  I've been going to yard sales and the thrift stores almost weekly for the last 4 months collecting random white plates in preparation for Thanksgiving dinner.  I have also collected serving bowls, plates, butter dish, and gravy boat.

Oh, and I am planning on scotch guarding it tomorrow.  I'd hate for it to get ruined after all this work!

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