Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bambo Knife Review

I am a member of Haute Look.  I get their emails daily and sometimes things look interesting. Most things are too expensive, but I love to window shop and it's fun to look at the styles they sell.  A few weeks ago they offered a sale for Core Bamboo.  I looked over all the products and a few things intrigued me.  The idea of a bamboo knife.  I don't remember which ones they had up for sale, but I know I ended up with the chef's slicer.

I was pretty excited to get it in the mail.  Papa B is a "knife guy" and so he was also intrigued.  At dinner I pulled out the knife and sliced an apple.  I was pretty disappointed right away.  It took mostly force and little actual "cutting" to slice the apple in half.  I felt like it wasn't sharp enough.   So, we all partook in the apple and the knife was washed and put away for later.

A few days later when getting ready to make mashed potatoes Papa B asked if I wanted to try it out again.  I didn't really want to, but I did.  I found it hard to do the first cut of the potato in half, but as long as I sliced keeping the tip of the blade on the board it worked really well for the rest of the cutting.  I was presently surprised.

I'm excited to keep this new knife in the drawer and getting to use it.  I do wonder how to sharpen it, if possible.  Maybe this knife will become one of my new kitchen utensil must haves.  Only time will tell!

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