Thursday, June 16, 2011

Patching a sheet (and almost anything else!)

Papa B asked me to patch our sheet and so I figured I'd make it into a tutorial since I was doing something crafty anyway.  We won't discuss how the sheet got the hole (as someone might find it embarrassing)  only how we are repairing the problem.  It's a pretty easy fix and you can use this technique to patch lots of other things, including clothes!

What you'll need:

  • Item needing repaired
  • Heat n' bond (I used lightweight sold by the yard)
  • Iron
  • Matching fabric for the patch

Here the hole in my sheet.  Still not saying how it got there ;)

First, cut out a piece of my Heat n' Bond.  My piece was 12x18 to cover the hole well and provide coverage for the area.

Iron the patching fabric

Put the piece of heat n' bond on the fabric and iron until its stuck on nice and good

Cut the fabric around the heat n' bond

Peel back the paper

lay out your sheet (or whatever) and iron it to get it warm and wrinkle free

Lay your patch down over your hole and iron it down

Here is the ironed on patch from the top

Here's the patch from underneath

Next, zig zag stich around the top of the patch along the edge keeping the edge of the patch right in the middle of your foot.

Here is the patched sheet on the bed.  Ok, now who's gonna help me make it??

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Brown Dog enjoying the breeze while I made the bed.  He did not help me, btw.

There!  Bed is all made with the newly patched sheet!   Brown dog jumped on it as I was leaving the room.  

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  1. Thanks for the how-to. We have that same bed set. :)